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Color Correction

 Color Correction applies to- At home box dye "accidents" and for those who simply have a change of heart in hair color.


Color Theory 101:  Color does not lift Color.  If you dyed your hair too dark, you cant simply color over it with a light brown.  Allover color applications to go darker does not constitute a color correction unless the stiuation requires multiple colors or multiple color applications becuase of a "hi-lighting" or "bleaching" accident.


There are several ways to "Correct" hair color.  We must first determine what you have then look at where you want to be.  With this, we can better understand the safest path to take with your hair.




"I dyed my hair at home.  I like the brown, but I would like it better if we just brightened it up a little."  This can simply be fixed with adding either "Face framing" foils to lighten up around the face.  Or go a littler deeper with a Partial Hi-light.


"I dyed my hair at home and it came out too Red (or too Dark)."- (most common problem)

For those that simply want a nice chocolate/ warm brown instead of the dark black, we would start out with the Pravana Artificial Color Extractor.  A simple yet effective way to remove Oxidative dyes (anything mixed with a developer) with out  harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach.  This will help safely remove some of the color molecules.  Keeping in mind that not all Hair Dye is made equal, this process might have to be done more than once.  9 times out of 10  if this is your first or third time going dark, your very likely to come out of that black and into a slight dark chocolate.  If you feel like you still want to go a shade lighter, we would then use lightener to take your hair to your target level.

For those who want to go into the lighter browns or blonde, we would definitely use the Artificial Color Extractor to take us half way there, then go into a heavy hi-light.  


"I went somewhere and they toned my hair Green! (or Grey)"-  In most situations, we see clients after their stylist has bleached, toned and re-bleached their hair.  Please, please do not put lightener/bleach onto hair that is already hi-lighted.  This will cause damage and possibly break the hair.  We can safely remove toners from the hair without damage.



Please remember, that we can only give examples in hypothetical situations.  We strongly advise that you schedule a consultation.  We can closely look at what color and condition your hair is in.  We recommend pictures so we can communicate clearly when we are determining where you want to go with your hair color.